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Daughter of two pastors, Bible school-bred, formerly engaged to a Muslim man as his second wife, lived in Afghanistan until the head of my company received death threats because he wasn’t following Islam, currently teaching English to refugee populations from all religious backgrounds (many of whom fled because of religious differences)

I have experienced religion.  And I have found that it is not the path for me.  I haven’t told a lot of people, but when my evangelical sister found out, she told me “Your life must be so sad.  I feel sorry for you.  Don’t you worry what will happen to you after you die?”

When I told a Muslim friend my experience and views, he told me “Your problem is only that you were in the wrong religion.  If you come to Islam, you will find that your life will improve.”

This blog is a more thorough explanation of why

  • I am more worried about this life than the one that may or may not follow it
  • I see that religion as a whole does not improve one’s quality of life

I do not hate religious people.  They are my family, my friends, my loved ones.  Just as they wish for me to come to their worldview, I wish that they could see the world as I see it, and accept people who think differently.  And for those who have been abused by religion, I wish that they will  find a way out.

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